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Is our pump self-priming?

All of our pumps are not self-priming, they cannot draw air. You must use our pumps submersible or below the water level. Please refer to following installation diagram.

installation diagram

The consequences of over-voltage using

Use pump at the rated voltage, overvoltage is harmful to the pump. During overvoltage operation, sometimes pump will be burned, and sometimes it will not be burned immediately but its lifespan will be very short. Confirm your power voltage before connecting it to the pump.

Correct running voltage

Rated voltage operation is best, it could achieve pump’s best performance. But in fact, every one of our pumps can be wide-voltage operation. Usually, every model could run from DC 5 volt to its rated voltage. However, water shortage protection models are a special case, they can run from DC 8 volt to its rated voltage.

Dry running is forbidden

Dry running (operation without liquid in the pump) will damage the pump, except some models with water shortage protection. Water shortage protection function will let pump stop to work when not enough water.

Can not pump water immediately

Sometimes you may encounter this condition. The main reason is that of the dry friction. After long shipping process, the inside of pump will be lack of water. There will be a large damping when the pump starts to work. You just need to put the water into water, turn on the power supply, then shake the pump gently, the pump will work normally, and will not encounter this problem anymore.

The requirements of the medium

Ensure medium is clean, prohibit impurities into the pump. Impurities will damage impeller and permanent magnet rotor. Some device such as filter will be useful.

Understand concept of head and flow

Head means water’s height inside of a pipe, not the spraying height. When arriving max head, the flow rate will be zero. Max flow rate is the horizontal rate, if you need a certain height, the flow rate will be reduced. You could choose the suitable pump to refer to our Performance Curves in our product pages.

About power supply

Any stable DC power source could be used as BLDC Pump’s power supply. Including AC-DC adapter, DC power source for various types of equipment, battery, solar power system. When using solar panel as the power supply, you must choose the suitable rated voltage solar panel match to our pump’s rated voltage.

Connecting to the Solar panel system

Our three-phase pumps are very suitable for the solar power system. Because it is soft starting with a low in-rush current, it was driven by program instead of the sensor. But these also require a good light situations, if the lighting condition is not good we suggest you add a solar controller to guarantee a stable voltage.

Two-phase pumps are also can be connected to the solar system, but it must need the solar controller or battery, and there will be many uncertain issues may impacting the pump’s working stability and lifespan.

Circulation Pumps Waterproof Instructions

BLDC Pumps are completely 100% waterproof due to its special construction. Unlike machinery sealing, the stator of BLDC pump is potting by epoxy, and separated from the rotor by pump body’s isolation layer, it is entirely enclosed and protected from dirt or other foreign matter.

Magnetic Drive Structure

About US

We are a brushless DC pump factory located in Shenzhen of China, we specialize in brushless DC pumps for many years. We could provide you good quality circulation pumps with good price and customized service.

Don’t pull the power cord

Never pull the power cord of pump, power cord can’t be used as the load-bearing line.

We sell adpaters

We sell high-quality adapters, not very cheap. We need to choose good quality adapters to guarantee our pump’s lifespan.

Custom Service Content

We provide various Custom Service for volume purchase. Please click here to learn more!

Rotor damage reason and how to avoid it?

There are usually two cases of rotor damage.

1. Broken – this is usually caused by hard impurities entering the pump. You must do a good job of filtering if the liquid is not clean. If you don’t know how, please consult us.

2. Melted or deformed – this is usually caused by poor heat dissipation. Please be note, not only dry running but also including the water remains stationary in the pipe for too long time. The heat generated by the pump cannot be taken away by water. So the rotor or even the inside surface of the stator will be deformed or melted. And this will also cause a shorter lifespan of the pump’s circuit board.

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