Aquarium Water Pumps

We are currently the China top-level aquarium manufacturer.

We are the real manufacturer, we can sell sets of finished products to you from our stock or provide you complete customization service from design to production. Whether you are an aquarium hobby or distributor, you are welcome to contact us Now.

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Innovative Technology

Our unique technology makes our aquarium pumps have many advantages: compact, lightweight, better in efficiency and performance, long lifespan, less in maintenance, and especially absolutely quiet.

Best materials & Exquisite workmanship

We truly stand alone in the industry. While other companies pursue low costs to win at price, we make the best product from three aspects: raw materials, production process, and core technology.


Our service does not end with product delivery. Not only does the product have an adequate warranty, but we will also assist you in analyzing and solving the problem during the use of the product.

Flexible Customization

We provide OEM/ODM service for lots of well-known brands. We provide a full service and flexible partnership. Simply put, we do whatever you want us to do so you don’t have to.

Tell us your requests to get solution. Let's push things forward.

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