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Difference between 2-phase and 3-phase

Three-phase brushless DC technology is a great upgrade of two-phase brushless DC technology. Traditional two-phase motor has 4-slots stator and 2 pairs of magnetic fields.

Simple Way to Attract Garden Birds with Water

Simple Way to Attract Garden Birds with Water

Birds and vegetation are lifelong partners who basically complement each other and that is merely one reason why gardens need birds. A yard with birds is highly gratifying not only because it’s fun to listen to chirping sounds but for the fact that birds play a significant role in de-bugging gardens.

Tips for Improving Efficiency of Evaporative Coolers

Tips for Improving Efficiency of Evaporative Coolers

Most of our homes are fitted with cooling systems to counter weather fluctuations but these heating and cooling processes normally drain more energy than most other home systems. This translates to inflated utility bills. Even though heat pumps are seen as cheaper cooling systems, evaporative coolers remain the most widely used.

Simple Ideas to Prepare your Pool for Winter

Simple Ideas to Prepare your Pool for Winter

Winter to most people is the slow season and is therefore a time to tuck themselves indoors to stay warm. With this shifted focus, people tend to forget most summer amenities hence leave them to the full force of nature. The swimming pool is one of the most commonly forsaken features in temperate homes and […]

DC Water Pump's Advantages

DC Water Pump’s Advantages

When in the market looking for a water pump, the two main options you have to choose from are the DC water pump and AC water pump. The DC water pump comes highly recommended because when the 2 are compared it offers the most benefits.

Outdoor Fountains 1

How to Make a Simple Water Feature?

A water feature is among the most eye-catching improvements one can make to their lawn. It can be one or more items ranging from streams, ponds, waterfalls, fountains, cascades to pools. These garden improvements have been in existence since time immemorial.

how to build a fountain

How to Build a Fountain?

Most home amenities are meant to help you unwind after a wearisome day but the level of satisfaction varies significantly. While most comforts can calm you down, few do it better than sounds of nature such as babbling brooks and chirping birds.

applications of small water pumps

What You Need to Know About Small Water Pumps

Water pumps are the types of equipment that raise, transmit or increase the pressure of water or any other liquid. It converts the prime motor’s mechanical energy into liquid energy, hence the pumping of water. Small water pumps and the other forms of water pumps are often used in construction, water supply, electric station, agriculture, […]

Small Water Pumps Smaller Doesn't Mean Less Powerful

Small Water Pumps: Smaller Doesn’t Mean Less Powerful

f you are under the impression that small water pumps can’t do a lot simply because of their size, you would be wrong. In fact, in certain cases, a small water pump can be of far greater help to you in what you might be doing than a larger pump could ever be.