How to classify water pumps? – A Comprehensive Guide

This article will show you the categorization of water pumps from different perspectives.

From the working principle…

From the application fields…

From other dimensions such as power suppliers, materials, self-priming or not, single-stage or multi-stage, horizontal or vertical (structure), submersible or not, usage media, etc.

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Small Transformer Oil Pump

The transformer oil pump by BLDC PUMP is a low voltage 24v electric DC water pump that can circulate transformer oil in a long time continuous work with good stability and durability.

Unlike similar small water pumps with only one or two years of service life, our transformer oil pumps have been running stably in our customer’s machines for ten years.

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DMX512 Small Water Fountain Pump

BLDC PUMP’s DMX512 fountain pump is the first small DC water pump that could be directly controlled by the DMX512 signal in China.

It doesn’t need an additional DMX512 signal decoder. It saves costs and, more importantly, eliminates the uncertainty in the control process.

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