Circulation DC Water Pumps

Designed special for your machine’s circulation system

“Don’t lose your business because of inferior quality components. As an essential part of the circulation system, BLDC PUMP was able to run continuously for 24 hours per day with excellent durability & reliability. We firmly believe you will benefit from our best circulation DC water pumps in the long-running.”

Find out the outstanding characteristics

High durability & reliability

  • Unique Circuit Control Technology
  • With the 1st Class Raw Material
  • Strict quality control in each step
  • One by one inspecting before shipment

Compact size, high efficiency

The compact size allows the pump to be easily installed into your machine with a powerful performance.

High efficiency saves you a lot of electricity bills for long-term running.

Low Noise

Low noise is significant in most machines. It allows you to build a better reputation with a perfect product compare to your competitors, and ultimately defeat them.

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