Aquarium Protein Skimmer

Do you know most protein skimmer manufacturers don’t produce the core component themselves? You might ask what the core is? Yes, it’s the pump. Compare to the acrylic house, the pump directly affect product performance and noise. So when your protein skimmer vendors are bragging about their machine advantages, think which part is more of your concern.

We have been supplying the needle pumps for many protein skimmer manufacturers for more than six years. When our super quiet aquarium water pump came out in 2011, more and more protein skimmer manufacturers started to replace their original with our pumps.

Now we start producing the protein skimmer ourselves. In addition to the core needle pump technology, we have developed a patent muffler to guarantee the skimmer quieter.

We hope to bring better and better products to you.

Model List

Applicable Tank400L400-1000L1000-2000L1500-3000L
Chamber Diameter150mm200mm250mm300mm
Best Water Level18-23cm18-23cm18-23cm18-23cm

Say goodbye to the poor communication with middlemen, communicate directly with the manufacturer. Unlike ordinary consumer products, aquarium pump design and customization requires expertise. If you did not find a real manufacturer, you will spend a lot of time and cost in communication, and it will be difficult to achieve your desired results. Our highly skilled engineers will quickly and effectively communicate with you and design the perfect product for you. You can also choose a design from our many existing design library and use it directly for your brand. We offer a full range of customized service and flexible partnership.

Innovative Technology

Our unique technology makes our aquarium pumps have many advantages: compact, lightweight, better in efficiency and performance, long lifespan, less in maintenance, and especially absolutely quiet.

Best materials & Exquisite workmanship

We truly stand alone in the industry. While other companies pursue low costs to win at price, we make the best product from three aspects: raw materials, production process, and core technology.


Our service does not end with product delivery. Not only does the product have an adequate warranty, but we will also assist you in analyzing and solving the problem during the use of the product.

Flexible Customization

We provide a full service and flexible partnership. Simply put, we do whatever you want us to do so you don’t have to.

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