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BLDC PUMP Co., Ltd. produces durable and high-performing brushless DC water pumps with flexible OEM solutions over 10 years.

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    BLDC PUMP Co., Ltd is a small electric water pump manufacturer which focus on brushless DC pump’s R&D and production. Our high quality brushless DC pumps are mostly used in various types of equipment as an essential component. It has a high-efficiency & high durability with a compact size and very quiet.

    We located in Shenzhen of China and exported our products all over the world. We are pleasured to provide you Custom Solution according to your requirements. Sample testing is welcome. We will respond quickly to your inquiry within 24 hours.

    Main Products

    Unbeatable Manufacturing Capability




    Per month





    Flexible OEM/ODM Solution

    Flexible Customized Service depends on our skilled design & engineering team. We provide customer-required performance including water speed, flow, voltage, and material, among others.

    Fast sampling could be as fast as 2 weeks or shorter.

    Continuous Innovation For World-Class Quality

    From designing, research, and material selection, down to manufacturing and upgrades, we drive to innovate and improve our products constantly.

    Thousands of times of products upgrades include but not limited to:

    • Noise Management
    • Performance Improvement
    • Upgrading of new Materials

    Professional Consultation & Complete After-Sales Services

    We provide you a comprehensive pre-consultation and after-sales service instead of only selling a product.

    Professional consultation provides you with the right information and specifications you may need to complete an upcoming project.

    Our service does not end with product delivery. After-sales helped our customers, and also made us more and more professional.

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