Circulation DC Water Pumps

We developed and produced BLDC PUMP mainly used in circulation systems since 2009. After nine years of technological innovation, now our pumps have many unique advantages.

Products Aquarium Pump Blue-White

Aquarium Water Pump

We began to develop the aquarium products from 2011, hoped to change the low price and poor quality aquarium market. Today, we sold 30,000 aquarium pumps to the Chinese market per month.

Eco Slim wave maker

Aquarium Wave Maker

Our ECO slim has a super small size but a powerful performance. It can adjust its working state according to different time periods, makes an almost real marine environment for your fish tank.


Aquarium Protein Skimmer

We designed and produced needle pumps for numerous protein skimmers manufacturers for many years. And we finally completed our own protein skimmers this year (2018).

Products DC-timer

DC Timer for Pumps

DC timer is not our main products but a handy accessory in specific applications. It allows the pump timed water your plant or green wall. It can save a lot of trouble for you.