Circulation DC Water Pumps

We have been developing and producing brushless DC water pumps mainly used in circulation systems since 2009. After years of development, we have experienced many times of technological upgrading, our product advantage is not only brushless DC motor but also include smart DC control circuit, sine wave silent technology, the customizable various protection program, etc.

Aquarium Water Circulation Pump

From 2011, we began to use our excellent circulating water pump technology to enter the aquarium industry, hoping to change the low price and poor quality of Chinese aquarium water pumps. Today, we have become the best quality aquarium pump brand in the Chinese market, not one of the best. We sold more than 30,000 aquarium pumps to the Chinese aquarium market every month.

Eco Slim wave maker

Aquarium Wave Maker

Our aquarium wave makers also used our continually innovative technology. They have many intelligent protection functions, such as water shortage protection, stuck protection, over-pressure or low-voltage protection, blocking or overload protection. Our goal is smaller, quieter, more powerful, and more beautiful.


Aquarium Protein Skimmer

We have designed and produced needle pumps for many protein skimmer manufacturers and have accumulated a wealth of experience from 2012. We finally completed our protein skimmer products this year (2018). Like our other products, high quality is our most important pursuit.

Products DC-timer

DC Timer for Pumps

The DC timer is a handy accessory when your pump is used in a scenario that requires timed irrigation like the green wall. Compare to AC timer; it has a broader range of applications; it could be used in any DC power sources, such as adapter, battery, DC source from equipment, solar panel system, and others.