(Cooling) Circulation System in Various Machines
Green Wall, Vertical Garden, or other Plants Projects
Excellent Advantages in Aquarium Fish Tank
Small Fountain, Water Features, Water Wall, and etc.

Applications of BLDC PUMP

It’s hard to classify all applications of BLDC PUMP (brushless dc pump). It becomes a better substitute in more and more industries based on its unique advantages. Let’s discuss the applications from the perspective of BLDC PUMP’s features here:

1. Safety

Safety is important in the industries such as indoor fountains, small waterscapes, water walls, desktop crafts

2. Quiet

In fields like plumbing mattresses, CPU cooling systems, circulation systems in high-end equipment, aquarium fish tank, BLDC PUMP helped obtain a tranquil environment.

3. Long lifespan for continuous running

The point is important for some special industries which need working 24x7x365 just as the Internet server.

4. Powerful

It is relative. A brushless DC pump of the same power could provide a higher head than an AC water pump. So it can provide a higher pressure for the circulation system. Sometimes it was used in the residential water collection or boost system.

5. Multiple power supplies and energy saving

It could be powered by the AC power with an AC/DC adapter, or by a DC power source directly. You can also use the solar panel to power it. So it’s a good choice for the water supply system of the ranch, the small irrigation system in sunny areas like Africa.

It also has some other advantages, such as portability, complete waterproofing, and so on. Here a few applications of brushless DC pumps just want to provide you some inspiration. Welcome to consult us if you have any doubt.

Water Saving Machine
Water Saving Machine
Solar Water Pump for Drinking System
Solar Water Supply System
Intelligent Toilet Pumps
Intelligent Toilet
Medical Equipment Pumps
Medical Equipment Pumps
Cooling Pump for Shredder
Cooling for Shredder
Cooling Pump for Mobile Battery
Cooling for Mobile Battery


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    bldc pump product catalog 2023

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