About the head and flow rate

Head means water’s height inside of a pipe, not the spraying height. Flow rate is horizontal rate, if you need a certain height, the flow rate will be reduced. When the head is at the max height, the flow rate will be zero. You could choose the suitable pump refer to our Performance Curves.

About power voltage

Confirm your power voltage before connecting the pump, to ensure that it works under the rated voltage. The positive pole is red or brown wire; the negative pole is black or blue wire. Prohibit reverse. If you can not confirm your power supply, please measure it with a multimeter at first to avoid pump being burned. Once it has been burned, it could not be repaired.

All pumps can work under a wide voltage from 5V to its max allowed voltage. For example, 12V pump can work under the power 5-12 volt, 24V pump can work under the power 5-24 volt. But working under a lower voltage the pump will be weaker.

About the installation

BLDC PUMP is not the self-priming pump, it can not pump the air. It must be installed under water level or completely submerged in the water. Refer to the diagram:

installation diagram

Water Shortage Protection Function

Many of models have the water shortage protection function. That mean when there is no water in the pump, the pump will make self-checking, 3-5 times, then stop running. When the water come back to the pump, you need to restart the power supply, then the pump will work again!

If bulk buying, don’t need this function will save some money!

About defective products

Sometimes maybe you will receive some “defective products”. For example: no response or sharp noise, most of these situations are normal, in fact it is not a real defective product. When connecting to the power supply, you just need to put the pump into water and shake it gently, then the pump will start work. All these are not the product quality problems, just because of the dry friction.

Of course, very few cases there will be a real defective product, this may be because of the damage during the transportation. Before we send the pumps to you, we have tested them one by one, we will never send a bad pump to you. When you received a real bad water pump, you just need to take photos or vedio, we will compensate you.

About the Solar Power Supply

Our three phase pumps are very suitable for the solar power system. Because it is soft starting with a low in-rush current, it was driven by program instead of the sensor. But these are also require a good light situations, if the lighting condition is not good we suggest you add a solar controller to guarantee a stable voltage.

Two phase pumps are also can be connected to the solar system, but it must need the solar controller or battery, and there will be many uncertain issues may impacting the pump’s working stability and lifespan.