7 "Secrets" of Small Water Pump Manufacturers

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There is a view that products made in China are of poor quality. But the truth is that many high-quality products are also made in China daily. There are many secrets in China manufacturing you should know when you plan to buy from China.

If you are a sourcing manager looking for high-quality small water pumps for your equipments, I will tell you 7 “secrets” that pump manufacturers might do in this article. I hope it can help you to avoid the manufacturers described below.

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Secret 1: No investment in R&D

Most small water pump factories do not invest in R&D.

The direct reason is that China’s manufacturing industry is very competitive, and the profit margins of factories are too low to develop new technologies and products.

The deeper reason is IP violations. Although the Chinese government has been vigorously improving the intellectual property protection system, IP violations are still ubiquitous. Rather than developing new products & technology, many factories prefer to copycat.

However, a copycat is very deceptive in the water pump industry. They can only imitate the appearance but can not achieve the same performance, functions, and longevity.

How to identify whether the factory has an R&D team? Talk to their engineers, ask technical questions, find solutions instead of simply purchasing, and propose customized services.

How to Find a Pump Manufacturer that can Meet Your Needs?

Secret 2: Win at price and lack of after-sales service

Purchasing small water pumps definitely needs after-sales service.

When you develop a project, you need to repeatedly modify the parameters of the pump to perfectly fit your machine. When your customer encounters problems with your machine, you need a cooperative pump supplier to help solve the problem together.

To get orders, especially for big quantities, many factories will lower prices without limit. The result is that they have to cut the product quality a bit to save costs. And also, because of this, they hate and refuse after-service.

A few years ago, we met a new aquarium pump customer. They complained to us that the supplier they had worked with for many years ran away with their 200,000 euro deposit.

Before working with them, we helped investigate their old supplier, which turned bankrupt. The company had disappeared entirely in China.

Therefore, you should be cautious about products priced below common sense because only reasonable profits can guarantee good after-sales service.

Secret 3: Make an impossible Promise

In China, most factories hire people fluent in English as salespeople instead of professionals with products because it’s hard to find someone good at both English and products. So you may find a 200 staffs company’s salesman has no idea about their products.

When inquiries are received, they will often promise all your requests to stand out from the crowd without figuring it out, especially when you send group inquiries on the Alibaba platform.

Click to see why you should avoid purchasing directly on Alibaba.

Unfortunately, when you decided to start working with them, you found they did not have the capability they promised. Worse, when you have paid, you find the products received are not as promised.

The solution is asking for customized samples for testing before bulk purchasing.

Secret 4: Exaggerated false Parameters

Exaggerating false parameters is a common trick many small water pump factories use because many customers don’t know how to verify the authenticity of the parameters.

Generally speaking, the pump’s max head and flow rate will increase with its physical size. Therefore, we would think that the larger the size of the pump, the better the performance.

Based on this point of view, some pump factories produce large but poor-performance pumps. However, simply increasing the size is very easy and costs almost nothing.

They exaggerate the label’s head and flow rate information and win the market at a low price. You thought you were buying a better cost-effective pump when the manufacturer was just tricking you.

Following is a short video showing the comparison of our 5000LPH pump with other brands of 6000LPH and 7500LPH pumps.

Secret 5: Use Poor quality raw materials: Plastic

Engineering plastics are widely used instead of metals in producing small water pumps. However, there are many unique requirements, such as high rigidity, high strength, good dimensional stability, high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, etc.

The engineering plastics used in small water pump production are partly imported and domestically produced. Imported engineering plastics are expensive, possibly twice or more than domestic ones.

To reduce costs, most factories will choose domestic engineering plastics. But even worse, some factories use off-grade or regrind plastic.

Using off-grade plastic or excessive regrind plastic will lessen or compromise the mechanical properties of the small water pump, then reduces the reliability and causes it to fail prematurely. The main failure situations include cracking and deformation, etc.

regrind plastic
Plastic Regrind

Secret 6: Use Poor quality raw materials: Copper Wire

Secret 7: Use Low-quality Chips

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