Small Transformer Oil Pump

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The transformer oil pump by BLDC PUMP is a low voltage 24v (the voltage can be customized) electric DC water pump that can circulate transformer oil in a long time continuous work with good stability and durability.

Our transformer oil pump is perfect for circulating cooling systems in x-ray generators. We developed a particular control circuit for the exceptional operating environment and updated lots of materials of pumps’ parts.

Unlike similar small water pumps with only one or two years of service life, our transformer oil pumps have been running stably in our customer’s machines for ten years.

1. Where use transformer oil as coolant?

Transformer oil is an oil that is stable at high temperatures and has excellent electrical insulating properties. It is generally used in high-voltage electronic equipment to insulate, suppress corona discharge and arcing, and to serve as a coolant. It is mainly used in power transformer applications or traction transformer applications.

But today, we will not talk about its general applications above. Instead, we will talk about its new application field in the X-ray generator.

2. What transformer oil pump manufacturers are there?

There are many manufacturers of transformer oil pumps on the market today, such as Kelvion, SPP Pumps, Sulzer Ltd, Wabtec Corporation, etc.

Most of them have been focused on the transformer oil pump field for several decades. And their proven products are designed to perform in extreme temperatures with long service life.

But their transformer oil pumps are not suitable for the application scenarios we will discuss today. Today, we will discuss a new type of small transformer oil circulating water pump for the cooling system in the X-ray generator.

3. Application of transformer oil in X-ray generator

X-rays are mainly used in healthcare in the medical field and product inspection in the manufacturing field. It is generated by a vacuum tube that uses a high voltage (tube voltage) to accelerate the electrons released by a hot cathode to a high velocity. In the process of X-ray generation, only a tiny fraction (less than 1%) of the energy is converted into x-rays; most appear in the form of heat.

In the past several decades, the goal of X-ray generators’ heat dissipation is generally fulfilled by using an air-cooling mechanism. But it is becoming a limitation to this technology development. Now many application scenarios lead to some new trends for the X-ray generator.

Higher Power Level

A higher power level means better penetration capability, higher scanning accuracy, etc.

Good portability and miniaturization

As expanding into more and more fields, the portable and miniaturized X-ray sources market is growing rapidly.

Both of the two trends above put forward higher requirements on the cooling system of the X-ray generator. In these circumstances, transformer oil is selected as a liquid coolant to function as an insulator to suppress corona and arcing and maintain stability and good dielectric properties at high temperatures. In addition, and at the same time, it solved many problems existing in the air cooling system such as bloated structure, poor heat dissipation efficiency, loud noise, etc.

4. Standard transformer oil pump is not suitable for the X-ray generator

Pumping transformer oil is a demanding application. The pump should run 365 days continuously year by year with good stability. As a core component, the failure of the pump will cause the entire system to stop working or the machine to burn, resulting in costly breakdowns.

The service life expectancy of standard transformer oil pumps is designed to be more than 30 years. I won’t question its quality and reliability here. But as mentioned above, the standard transformer oil pump can’t accommodate the operating requirements of the cooling system in the X-ray generator. Why?


The standard transformer oil pump can’t meet the trend of miniaturization of the X-ray generators.


The standard transformer oil pump typically uses many metal casings and components. As a result, its weight can’t meet the X-ray generators’ portability requirements.


Its cost is high due to its original purpose of protecting the transformer and expected super long lifespan.

5. Why use our small transformer oil pump in the X-ray generator?

BLDC PUMP has been focused on small electric circulating pumps for more than ten years. Our high-quality brushless DC pumps are primarily used in the cooling systems in various types of equipment as an essential component. It has high efficiency & high durability with a compact size and is very quiet.

The materials of the small electric pump components are various engineering plastics, such as POM, PA66, ABS, etc. Unfortunately, most of them can’t maintain a long and stable service life in the transformer oil. To meet the unique requirements for pumping transformer oil, we continuously tested new materials with our customers. Finally, we found and updated lots of materials for pumps parts that can work stably with transformer oil.

In addition, our pumps use MCU to control the pump’s operation. This makes it possible to customize programs to perfectly fit the machine’s system.

Unlike similar small water pumps with only one or two years of service life, our transformer oil pumps have been running stably in lots of our customer’s machines for ten years.

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