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Small DC fountain pumps are commonly used to make small water features and small water fountains. In this article, we will discuss some questions about how to select general small fountain pumps for your project. However, if you need a musical fountain pump that DMX512 signals can directly control, please visit our DMX512 Small Fountain Water Pump page.

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What kind of pump does the fountain use?

The small fountains and water features are usually built to beautify the environment and make people feel comfortable. Usually, people will use AC or DC electric submersible centrifugal pumps to achieve this goal.

Why centrifugal pump?

Centrifugal pumps are the most common type of water pumps. It can adapt to various harsh working environments. Unlike the circulation system, the liquid in the fountain system usually contain impurities, especially for outdoor fountains.

Some types of pumps such as diaphragm pump, gear pump, piston pump, are not suitable for such kind of working environments due to their woking principle.

Why submersible pump?

You can choose a submersible pump or an external pump to make a fountain. For a submersible pump, it’s pretty simple to build your fountain. You just need to put it in the water and connect a pipe. The installation is more complicated for external pumps, and the cost is higher. The advantage is it general can provide a larger flow rate.

But for the small fountains or water features in a private garden or house, we usually don’t need a vast flow rate pump like the large fountain in the public square.

Furthermore, the small submersible pump’s flow rate and pressure increase rapidly based on technology development.

Why electric pump?

Everyone will choose an electric pump as a fountain pump. It can provide a stable and long-lasting uninterrupted power supply. In addition, it is a more environmentally friendly option, especially if the electricity comes from solar, wind, or water.

AC or DC, which is best for fountain?

The answer is the DC fountain pump.


Electrocution in a water fountain is a horrifying thing. At first, it’s hard to discover the electric leakage by our eyes. And once electrocution occurs, it’s almost impossible to kill the power in a hurry. Then people will die within seconds or minutes of being electrocuted.

A more severe consequence is that people around them will instinctively rescue them by hand immediately after most electric shocks occur. As a result, many more people were electrocuted and died.

As we all know, AC water pumps use 220v or 110v AC grid power (depending on different countries) directly. It is popular because of its low price and eases to use (plug directly into socket). However, its disadvantage is the risk of electrocution.

Small DC water pumps use 12v or 24v, or 36v safe voltage instead. The cost may be relatively high, but absolute safety is guaranteed.

youtube thumbnail zksj pump bare copper wire testing
ZKSJ Pump Bare Copper Wire Test


Another benefit is DC water pump could provide much higher pressure and head than the AC water pump. That is because we can easily control the rotor speed of the DC water pump, and the speed of the pump is an essential factor that affects the head of the water pump a lot.

As a result, some large-scale fountain projects using high-power AC water pumps before can also be completed by combining many small DC pumps now.

Why choose BLDC PUMP as a DC Fountain Pump?

The brushless DC water pump (BLDC PUMP) is a new type of DC water pump based on brushless DC motor and innovative in structure and circuit control, which has many unique advantages.

Due to the use of MCU to control the operation of the pump, various upgrades and expansions of the water pump are possible. View our article “All about Brushless DC Pump” to see more development history of brushless DC pumps.

  1. Use a safe voltage power supply, DC12V or DC24V or DC36V (Which can be customized).
  2. Low consumption of energy (3-200Watt), compact size (the smallest pump is as big as an egg, the biggest one is as big as a human palm)
  3. The lifespan of BLDC PUMP is more than 20,000 hours and can work continuously 24/7 with maintenance-free.
  4. BLDC PUMP is amphibious, its coils and circuit boards are encapsulated by epoxy, so 100% permanent waterproof.
  5. It is a wide-voltage operation, suitable for solar-powered fountain systems.

How’s the performance of our brushless DC Fountain Pumps?

Our professional fountain pumps can provide a maximum head of 16 meters and a maximum flow of 13000L/H. At the same time, we can provide you with suitable fountain nozzles, and give the approximate spray height that the pump can reach when equipped with the corresponding nozzles. The highest spray height that our existing fountain pumps can reach is about 6 meters.

In our DC fountain pumps catalog, you can choose the right pump and corresponding nozzles according to the spray height you need. Please note, for all models, you can choose whether to be controlled by the DMX512 signal or not.

Musical Fountains
Musical Fountains
Solar Powered Fountains
Solar Fountains
Stage Fountains
Stage Fountains
Water Wall Landscape
Water Wall Landscape

Our Recommended DC Fountain Pumps

The following models are our popular fountain pumps by our customers. However, due to the different use environments, you may have specific needs, such as different inlet and outlet, rated voltage, new design, etc. Please feel free to tell us your requests to get Custom Services.

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