The 12-volt water pump is the most commonly used small electric DC pump. Because finding the corresponding power source for it anywhere is easy. So we specifically write this article and hope to guide you when you make a pump selection.

First, check out this article to find out which factors can affect the pressure of the pump.

Now we know that three main factors affect the pressure of the pump: the wattage, the pump motor speed, and the pump structure. Despite the use of better raw materials and better process technology, we are still unable to increase the wattage of the pump significantly for now. So what factors make our pumps provide more pressure than others?

1. Higher motor speed

Our 12v DC water pump motor speed can easily reach 6000 rpm or even higher. This is not easy. It first needs a more advanced circuit to control the speed of the pump. Then it needs a stronger coil and magnet rotor. Finally, we need to eliminate side effects such as vibration caused by higher speed.

2. Optimized structure based on fluid finite element analysis

We used fluid finite element analysis to obtain the optimal pump structure that provides high pressure. Then, confirm it by continuous experimentation. Today, our 12v DC water pump pressure is the highest in China’s similar pump market.

Our recommended 12-volt high-pressure water pumps

The following models are specially designed for high pressure but not focus on the flow rate. If you need a pump with better overall performance, please click here.

Max Head:12M
Max Flow:1260LPH
Max Head:11M
Max Flow:1320LPH
Max Head:11M
Max Flow:1320LPH

What if I need higher pressure?

You may ask, what should I do if I still need a higher pressure pump? The answer is you can consider connecting the pumps in series to get more pressure. We are also developing the multistage pump to increase the pressure of our 12v pump significantly, please stay tuned and keep in touch.

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