The benefits of DC water pump

Are you still hesitant to choose an AC or DC water pump for your system? If you want to ask my opinion, absolutely I will vote for the DC water pump. DC water pump has become more and more popular over these years due to its unique advantages. Maybe in some cases, AC pumps are a smart choice if you are only in temporary use. But for most of the time, AC pumps have many fatal flaws. I will tell you the benefits of the DC water pump from the following four aspects.

1. Safety

If your application has safety requirements, the DC water pump has a unique advantage. Such as indoor fountains, desktop crafts, even the aquarium tank, and many types of devices. We will never hope to be hurt by electric shock.

2. Flexible for Installation

You don’t have to use the electrical grid as the power supply for the DC water pump. It could use the existing power source on your device. This makes the pump installation very flexible, and the equipment manufacturer can install the pump wherever they want to fit in their machine.

3. High-efficiency & Energy Saving

It is a fact that DC pumps are more expensive than AC pumps. But it also much more efficient. If we focus on the system’s energy usage, when we use the pump for more than 4 hours a day, the DC water pump can save you about one or two pumps a year.

4. Long Lifespan

The AC water pump often uses copper-clad aluminum coils to achieve a competitive advantage at a low price. The DC water pump typically uses pure copper coils and more advanced motor technology to guarantee a long lifespan.

When you should choose BLDC PUMP?

If you don’t know what BLDC PUMP is, click the following link to learn more at first.


BLDC PUMP is one type of advanced DC water pump. It has made breakthroughs based on the advantages of DC water pump, mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Super Durability & Reliability for Continuous Running

Some types of equipment are significant to us, such as the hard disk, CPU of a computer, the automotive engine, the battery for the electric car, and so on. They are the critical components of a system. We want them to have absolute reliability and durability. The AC water pump cannot do this work, BLDC PUMP is your best choice then due to its super durability & reliability for continuous running


The noise of the AC water pump has always been criticized. And the sound will increase as the usage time increases due to its old motor technology.

If you plan to use the pump in an environment that requires absolute quiet, noise is an essential factor you need to consider. BLDC PUMP has excellent advantages in this area due to its unique Sine Wave Silent Technology.


Most of the time the pump is the core part of the entire system. If you are planning to build a healthy business, establish an excellent reputation for your products and company, you have many reasons to choose a DC water pump instead of an AC water pump. And then BLDC PUMP will be one of your best choices.

BLDC PUMP Production Process

Pump Production Process 01
coiling winding by precision four-axis winding machine
Pump production process 02
high temp resist copper wire with low electric resistance
Pump Production Process 03
polish the paint from the copper wire before welding
Pump Production Process 04
electrostatic discharge by bracelet during welding
Pump Production Process 05
pump will be pretested one by one before potting
Pump Production Process 06
epoxy potting protect circuit from dirt or other matter
Pump Production Process 07
lifespan test was conducted by random every month
Pump Production Process 08
overvoltage life test was to guarantee more reliability
Controller Production Process 01
circuit board full inspection guarantee reliable quality
Controller Production Process 02
welding to connect cable
Controller Production Process 03
thermal silica transfer heat from electrical components
Controller Production Process 04
epoxy potting guarantee control box 100% waterproof

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