BLDC PUMP Infographic

BLDC PUMP Infographic

Development History


Since 2003, three Founders began to develop the brushless DC pump under the guidance and help from their teacher.


BLDC PUMP company was formally founded in 2009 and began mass production of the first generation products.


We put 30% of our profits into product development every year and quickly became the leader in the industry.

Best Aqua Brands

In 2015, we captured the high-end aquarium market in China and became the No. 1 brand without no doubt.

Keep Moving

BLDC PUMP was exported to more than 100+ countries around the world and applied in more and more fields.

Features (different from other pumps)

Micro Control Unit System

BLDC PUMP use MCU to control the pump’s operation. This makes it possible to perform a wide variety of complex functions.

Unique Structure

BLDC PUMP stator was potted by epoxy and separated from the rotor by an isolation layer. This structure is very reliable, simple, compact, and easy to maintain.

Major Advantages

High Efficiency

High efficiency saves you a lot of electricity bills for long-term running.

High Durability & Reliability

Don’t lose business and brand reputation because of inferior quality core components.

Low Noise

Low noise is significant in most machines. It allows you to build a better reputation with a perfect product compare to your competitors, and ultimately defeat them.

Compact Size

The compact size allows the pump to be easily installed into your machine with a powerful performance.

Main Applications

As a Circulating Pump or Delivery Pump in various types of equipment. Or as a separate component does not attach to devices.

  • Cooling or Circulation System in various types of equipment.
  • Water-Saving Equipments Water Production Equipments Other Water Equipments.
  • Sanitary Ware Industry Intelligent Toilet, Jacuzzi…
  • Living Wall (Green Wall) Timed irrigation.
  • Small Fountains, Small Waterscape, Water Curtain Wall…
  • Fish Tank, Aquarium Delivery Water, Wave Maker, Skimmer Pump…
  • Automotive Water Cooling System.
  • Solar Powered Water Pumps.

Flexible Customization

Fexible customization of the service allows the pump to match your needs perfectly.

Cable Length & Plug

Cable length and plug are the most common customization needs.

Labels and Packaging

Custom labels and packaging help you build your brand and get better sales.

Pump Parameters

We can adjust the pump parameters such as operating voltage or current to suit your system entirely.

Pump Accessories

We will purchase the necessary parts of the pump for you to save you many troubles.

New design & new mould

The new design and new mold will allow you to manufacture water pumps that fully match your appearance requirements.

Function Developing

Advanced functions developing allows the pump to fit perfectly into your control system.

Would you like to know what pumps we can offer? We have prepared a table that contains most of our standard model circulation pumps to help you choose the right pump more efficiently.