Cooling Pump is one key factor in the Laser Hair Removal

Treatment speed is a key factor in differentiating laser hair removal. One of the most important factors for rapid hair removal is a suitable cooling system water pump. In the second half of 2017, a hair removal machine that can complete whole body hair removal in 15 minutes come out in Japan. This machine is using BLDC pump DC50K-24160S.

Why choose us?

Why choose our pump? Is it luck? Not at all. There was a harsh 10- month testing before the pump was chosen. Its flow rate, water pressure, noise, and lifespan are better than other small water pumps, and the key is that it can be very good support for 15 minutes to complete the whole body surface hair removal.

Hair Removal Machine Pumps Cooling System

Our Recommended Beauty Equipment Pumps

The following three model water pumps are most popular in our hair removal machine pumps customers. But due to the difference between each design idea and application case, if you have different requirements, such as different inlet and outlet, or new design, and etc., please feel free to tell us. We have many other solutions and could provide you Custom Services.

Max Head:16M
Max Flow:1380LPH
Max Head:6M
Max Flow:960LPH
Max Head:11M
Max Flow:450LPH
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