The structure of BLDC Pump

This unique structure brings two benefits:

1. The rotor fan is driven by magnetic force and does not require a commutator. It improves the efficiency of the water pump, avoids mechanical wear, and has no sparks.

2. As the core component, the stator coil and circuit board are entirely isolated from the liquid by the isolation layer, completely preventing leakage.

Continuously Innovative Technology

With no windings on the rotor, they are not subjected to centrifugal forces. And because the windings are supported by the housing, the rotor can be cooled by the conduction media, does not need airflow inside the motor for cooling. All of this means that the motor’s internals could be entirely enclosed and protected from dirt or other foreign matter.

The stator is potting by epoxy and separated from the rotor by an isolation layer. So the waterproof performance is reliable. This kind of pump is amphibious and maintenance-free.

Structure of BLDC Pump

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