Hi, I am Journey, the Chief Technology Officer of BLDC PUMP. I don’t intend to introduce BLDC PUMP Co., Ltd. here, but only briefly introduce the development history of BLDC pump technology.

BLDC pump, also known as brushless dc pump, was originally named because of the use of brushless DC motors that are different from conventional brush motors. The magnetic driven and circuit control are the main features of this kind of pumps. Due to this innovation, some limitations of brushed motors were overcome.

Journey-Technical Director

Current situation of BLDC pump technology

Today, more and more pump manufacturers claim that they can produce brushless DC pumps. The basic brushless DC motor technology is no longer the newest. In fact, after years of development, brushless DC pump has experienced many times of technological upgrading. Almost every two years, there was a new technological revolution in this field. Due to the fundamental characteristics “microcircuit control,” brushless DC pump has excellent scalability. This is an essential reason for the rapid development of its technology.

Three-phase brushless DC technology was our first stage of technological innovation in 2011. To obtain greater torque, it used 6-slots stator and three pairs of magnetic fields instead of general 4-slots stator and two pairs of magnetic fields. This required a more complex control circuit and increased product costs. But it significantly improved the performance of pumps. At that year, only our this type of pumps can achieve a real lift of 15 meters. At meanwhile, it allows us to quickly add some functions to the pump, such as water shortage protection, stuck protection, etc.

The improvement of details was carried out at all times during these years. We found more reliable suppliers for each type of raw material to form a competitive supplier system. We also have increased the number of the QC department and formulated a more stringent incoming inspection system. To guarantee the quality of the appearance of the water pump and to respond more quickly to the needs of our customers, we established our plastic mold factory in 2016.

The sine wave silent technology is the most significant technological innovation in the past two years. It can significantly reduce the vibration of the rotor and let the pump much more silent. We used it in all of our aquaria products and then made a revolutionary storm in this field. Now everyone in the Chinese aquarium market knows us; our brand is the best quality aquarium pump brand famous as super quiet.

The direction of BLDC pump technology

As you see, BLDC pump is a kind of small electric DC water pump. It was used in the circulatory system of various household appliances, general industrial equipment, automotive, etc. I think the following points will be the primary development direction of BLDC pump:

  1. Stronger performance: It is evident that the performance of BLDC pump is not as strong as many traditional pumps. We need to improve its performance continuously.
  2. Keep small size.
  3. Quieter: Yes, we don’t like noise.
  4. More energy saving.
  5. Maybe add many more intelligent control features.

Thank you for reading, guys! I hope this article will be helpful for you to understand our products more.