Small solar powered water pumps have been using in more and more fields

Our small solar powered water pumps have been using in more and more fields such as water for livestock, crop irrigation, drinking and cooking water supply. Unlike traditional solar water pumps, our small solar water pumps used low voltage power (12v or 18v or 24v, and can be customized), so it only needs a small piece of solar panel to generate electricity. It is easy to use, low power consumption and has a small size and portable.

Solar Powered Water Pumps for irrigation

Our small solar powered water pumps are specifically designed for solar panels

Is every DC water pump suitable for solar panel system? Could every DC water pump be connected to the solar panel directly? No, obviously not. In fact, this is a very complicated issue (Check out this article to learn more). In a nutshell, we designed a specifical water pump circuit for the solar panel. This circuit has a small starting inrush current and default with over-voltage protection functions. So this kind of pump has a stable performance, long lifespan, and low failure rate.

Our Recommended Solar Water Pump Models

The following three model water pumps are most popular in our solar water pump customers. But due to the difference between each design idea and application case, if you have different requirements, such as different inlet and outlet, rated voltage, or new design, and etc., please feel free to tell us. We have many other solutions and could provide you Custom Services.

Max Head:15M
Max Flow:1560LPH
Max Head:5M
Max Flow:3600LPH
Max Head:8M
Max Flow:6300LPH
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