Intelligent Toilet Pumps

Intelligent Toilets are becoming more and more popular

Today, almost all bathroom companies are embracing intelligent toilets. Intelligent toilets feature water cleansing as a refreshing alternative to toilet tissue alone. And they will leave you feeling confident, assured, and cleaner than clean. (Click this article to see more)

Intelligent Toilet Pumps have a high-quality requirement as a very important component of the Intelligent Toilet system

First, obviously, it must be safe, using low voltage power. Second, it must have a compact size because it should be installed inside of the toilet. Third, it must have a high water pressure to rinse the excrement clean. Fourth, the pump may need some kind of intelligent control such as flow switch or analog signal, or PWM speed control functions. Fifth, low noise, noise will affect people’s sleep and mood. Sixth, high durability & reliability, and maintenance-free.

BLDC PUMP can solve all the above problems perfectly

BLDC PUMP uses low DC12v or 24v voltage power and has a compact size with super high water pressure. Due to the advanced control circuit design, it could be adjusted by a 0-5v analog signal or PWM signal. If added a flow switch, it can automatically work according to the flow of water. The noise of our BLDC PUMP is less than 40dB, and it has high durability & reliability. We will be sampling from every batch of products for various testing including on-off testing more than 500,000 times, over-voltage testing, and aging test.

Our Recommended Intelligent Toilet Pumps

The following three model water pumps are most popular with our Intelligent Toilet Pumps customers. But due to the difference between each design idea and application case, if you have different requirements, such as different inlet and outlet, rated voltage, or new design, and etc., please feel free to tell us. We have many other solutions and could provide you with Custom Services.


We are focused on brushless DC water pump's R&D and production from 2009. A water pump manufacturer with about 100 highly technical, skilled employees in Shenzhen of China.
We've chosen to provide customers with comprehensive and flexible solutions according to customers' needs and win at the product quality.
Our passion lies in helping start-ups grow from "Zero to One." So if you have any questions need to discuss with our engineer-turned sales consultant, don't let anything stop you move forward.
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    bldc pump product catalog 2023

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