People can copy what we have done, but they can not copy what we are going to do.

High flow is our newly developed series in 2018. It has a much better overall performance compared to other models. The sine wave silent technology and constant power consumption are the two best features of this series. Let me briefly introduce these two features now.

Sine Wave Silent Technology

The sine wave silent technology made the pump motor more stable during operation; it significantly reduced the vibration caused by the increased pump power. It allows the pump to maintain the same or less noise while providing several times the performance. The sine wave silent technology is the most significant breakthrough in the small electric water pump industry in 2018.

Constant Power Consumption

In a certain voltage range, when the input voltage is higher than the rated voltage of the pump, the pump current will automatically decrease to ensure that the pump power kept constant. This feature makes this series of pumps are perfectly adapted to unstable output voltage sources such as batteries.

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Model List

So far, we have developed the following six models of this type of pump. At the same time, we can quickly develop new models according to your requirements. Because we have the core technology and our own mold factory. If any interest, please do not hesitate to Contact us.

Max Head:8M
Max Flow:6300LPH
Max Head:11M
Max Flow:4600LPH
Max Head:12M
Max Flow:3450LPH

Max Head:12M
Max Flow:3300LPH
Max Head:12M
Max Flow:3300LPH
Max Head:12M
Max Flow:3450LPH

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