Constant Power Consumption DC Water Pumps Overview

Our newly developed BL series pump has a very important feature: Constant Power Consumption. It can operate in a wide range of input voltage and has a constant power consumption in a certain range of input voltage.

In the video above, the rated voltage of the testing pump is DC 24 volt. But it can operate normally between DC 12 volt to DC 30 volt. And between DC 20 volt to DC 30 volt: when we lower the input voltage, the current increases automatically; when we increase the input voltage, the current decreases automatically. (when the input voltage more than about 30v, over-voltage protection will be triggered, the pump will stop working.) The pump’s power consumption is always maintained at about 96~100 watts.

Benefit of Constant Power Consumption

Due to this advanced feature, this series pumps have many benefits when being used for unstable output voltage power supply. For example, when using a battery as the power supply, the output voltage is different every moment due to the different battery remaining electricity.

When the battery is fully charged, its actual output voltage is usually much higher its rated voltage. In this condition, the general pump has a risk easy to be burned. After the battery being used for a while, its output voltage will be lower than its rated voltage. In this case, the general pump can’t operate at its maximum performance.

But for the constant power consumption DC water pumps, all the above problems are not a problem. The pump will adjust its current according to the different input voltage. So the pump will never be burned and will provide a very stable performance. In some case, this is very meaningful, such as when the pump being used for the cooling system of electric vehicles On-board Charger, DC/DC converter.

Constant Power Consumption DC Water Pumps Models

The following three models are our currently constant power consumption DC water pumps and we are developing more and more other models. If you have any different requirements, please feel free to tell us via the form below. We can provide Custom Services and solutions according to your needs.

Max Head:12M
Max Flow:3300LPH
Max Head:12M
Max Flow:3300LPH
Max Head:8M
Max Flow:6300LPH

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