Automotive Electric Water Pumps

Automotive Electric Water Pumps was increasingly used in the NEVs

Automotive Electric Water Pumps were increasingly used in the new energy vehicles (NEVs) water cooling system due to the vigorous development of NEVs. As the demand for fast charging of high-power batteries increasing, the water cooling system has become a standard accessory for the cooling system of electric vehicles OBC (Onboard Charger), DC/DC converter, and battery. Compare to an air cooling system, the water cooling system is significantly more efficient and more compact. So water cooling to replace air cooling is an inevitable trend.

Electric Vehicles DC-DC Converter Water Cooling

Our Recommended Automotive Electric Water Pumps

The following three Automotive Electric Water Pumps are designed specifically for the EVs water cooling systems (onboard charger, battery cooling, engine cooling, warm wind air conditioning cycle, and so on). They used the new sine wave silent technology, and default with water shortage and stuck protection functions. The massive flow rate makes an excellent cooling effect, and the brushless DC technology ensures the high reliability and durability of the pump. The recommended models are based on our existing customers. But due to the difference between each design idea and application case, if you have different requirements, such as different inlet and outlet, or new design, etc., please feel free to tell us. We have many other solutions and could provide you with Custom Services.

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