BLDC PUMP has many Unique advantages

In cooling system

Many device need a low failure rate cooling system, because failure of cooling system may lead to burn the whole equipment or lead a project to fail. BLDC PUMP has much longer continuous working lifespan compare to common DC water pump, due to its brushless DC motor and unique structure. And low noise is the second reason you should choose BLDC PUMP for cooling system, it makes you feel more comfortable to get away from noise interference. See our cooling circulation water pumps list here.

In fish tank Aquarium

As the same reason in cooling system, you need a reliable system to protect the fish or reef. Maybe brushed DC water pump or AC pump could also do this work, but it is not 100% safety. Another main reason is that BLDC PUMP used complex circuit to control, many functions such as pumping water, making waves could be integrated on one same pump. See our Aquarium pumps here.

In small water features & other applications

Usually it is a huge project to make a fountain or water feature, but sometimes we do not need a very large one. Then small BLDC PUMP could help, it is simple and convenient. The portable feature allows you to easily take it to wild for pumping water to drink or bathe.

In summary

If the system or equipment is important and people need to use it very frequently, it is really worth to choose BLDC PUMP. As described above, it is reliable, safe, versatile, and portable. But that does not mean it is suitable for every applications.