Simple Ideas to Prepare your Pool for Winter

(Last Updated On: February 18, 2016)

Winter to most people is the slow season and is therefore a time to tuck themselves indoors to stay warm. With this shifted focus, people tend to forget most summer amenities hence leave them to the full force of nature. The swimming pool is one of the most commonly forsaken features in temperate homes and the result, is buildup of algae and debris as well as damage to the pool itself. Even if you may not entertain the idea of swimming in winter, sparing some little time can save you loads of work and expense in spring. More so, with an uptight pool, you may even chance upon a bonus swim day during one of the few sunny winter afternoons. That being said, here are some simple tips to winterize your pool.

Keep it Clean

One of the worst problems and simplest to address is buildup of filth in the pool. Accumulated dirt in the form of algae, leaves and bugs not only make the pool mucky and slippery but can also clog the outlet. After removing the debris, you need to scrub the floor and walls even in areas that seem clean in order to stop any algal development. As you do this, make sure to also clean and remove any toys and inflatable rafts in the water as well. It’s prudent also to clean out the filter and the circulatory pump basin.

Check your Water

A properly balanced pool needs to be maintained at pH range of 7.2 to 7.6. If this not the case, you may need to treat the pool and this can be done using Soda Ash or Dry Acid. In order to keep away algae you will require a winterizing product which lasts longer than usual. This means you need to get a long life algaecide although shock dosing your water with chlorine to levels of over 7ppm can also do the trick. In either case, you will need to run your water pump for around 10 hours to ensure proper distribution of the chemical. It is also recommended that you lower the water down to about 5 inches to allow refill by winter rainfall, otherwise the water will overflow.

Check your Equipment

In anticipation of the icy months, take off your summer cover, wash it well and pack it up in a dry place. Get some items to float on the water which will help reduce the impact of water expansion when ice starts to form. You then need to tightly put your winter debris cover over the pool to protect the water from debris and leaves. Make sure to tighten it every few weeks and remove the collected water on the cover. You will also have to ensure your water pump is well drained so that it does not freeze inside and damage the parts.

If you are able to implement these simple tips you will surely have an easier time getting come spring. If however you encounter difficulties especially with the intricate pool equipment like the water pump, you can always get help from people who deal with small water pumps.

Simple Ideas to Prepare your Pool for Winter

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