Aquarium Water Pump Blue Series

  • China Top-Level Aquarium Manufacturer
  • Super Quiet, None Vibration
  • Smaller, Stronger, and Lower Wattage
  • Cost-Effective and Flexible OEM/ODM service
  • Save lots of electricity bills in the long-running


Bedroom Level Quiet:25dB
Rated Voltage:DC12V
Operating Voltage:DC8V~DC14V
Power Consumption:4.8 watts
Price:US $60 – 600 / Set

High-quality Bedroom Level Quiet Design

We hold ourselves to high standards and do not hope to replace defective products several times, we intend to let you once satisfied.

“I will always remember our first water heated mattress customer saying “No” to us 7 years ago. It’s not durability, and it’s not reliability, the only reason is noise. At that time we were able to achieve noise levels of around 40dB. Obviously, it doesn’t match the requirements for use in the bedroom. And so we lost the biggest deal of that year.

In the past 7 years, we have never given up our efforts in this field. Today, we can say with pride that we did. We have used a particular control circuit and almost eliminated the vibration of the pump to guarantee a real quiet. It is a real technical innovation.”

JourneyChief Technology Officer - BLDC PUMP

Detail of internal structure

1 – Impeller cover10 – Ceramic bushing
2 – Screw11 – Waterproof Ring
3 – Ceramic gasket12 – Graphite bushing
4 – Insulation sheath13 – Ceramic shaft
5 – Stator and coil14 – Silica base
6 – Insulation sheath15 – Rotor
7 – Circuit board16 – Rubber sleeve
8 – Back cover17 – Pump Body
9 – Gland cover

Watch the Noise Test Video on the right

Super Quiet Mattress Water Pump (DC40M) Noise detection Testing Video

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