(Last Updated On: 9月 8, 2018)
  • High Durability & Reliability
    Specifically designed for the long-term continuous running systems.
  • Compact Size
    Easy to be installed into your machine with a powerful performance.
  • High Effience, Low Power Consumption
    Save you a lot of electricity bills for long-term running.
  • Low Noise
    Use Sine Wave Silent Technology to reduce vibration.
  • No leakage, 100% Waterproof
    Brushless DC magnetic driving technology with no pollution static seal structure.
  • Wide range working voltage
    You can adjust the input voltage to control the pump performance.
  • Safety
    Low DC voltage, No spark, Explosion-proof.
  • Functions can be customized
    Intelligent control and protection functions can be added to fit your control system.

Many factories use poor quality raw materials in pursuit of low cost. Then they can gain an advantage in the market competition at a low price. But that causes the quality of the pump is volatile. You don’t know when your pump will suddenly break down. And the pump is often the core component of your system. So we think the quality should be the most critical pursuit.

To be super honest, it’s hard to use words to tell you how our products differ from others. The easiest way is to purchase samples for testing. Not just the performance testing, but also the long-term lifespan testing. Welcome to talk with our salespeople to get more details.

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